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How Your Immune System Works to Protect You

Part 1:

Components of the Immune System:



        -        Thymus

        -        Lymphocyte

        -        Spleen

        -        Probiotics

        -       White Blood Cells       

                       - Neutrophils

                       - lymphocytes

                       - monocytes

                       - eosinophils

                       - basophiles

Lines of Defense:



1.         Tissue Macrophages

                -> Phagocytosis

2.         Neutrophil incursion or raid

3.         Monocyte incursion

4.         Increased production of white blood cells in

             bone marrow


*It is important to note that Monoctyes travel to areas of need and “turn into” the tissue macrophages that are needed and then begin the vital job of tackling the offending virus and bacteria at the site of intrusion.


* Boosting immunity is a key component to building and enhancing bone marrow / monocyte production.


Work Sited: Dr Abazar Habibina, MD, DFN, Director of the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition

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