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Hot Stones Massage
Reiki Treatment

Therapeutic Massage:

Therapeutic Massage is an intuitive, holistic treatment designed to be meditative, lively or invigorating depending on the patient/ client presentation.


Natural Balance offers a wide range of holistic therapeutic massage treatments designed to address tense and painful muscles of the body, and also nurture our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Holistic Therapeutic Massage is an ancient method of healing that recognizes that illness, anxiety and stress affects not only one’s physical body, but the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of a person.


The World Health Organization has classified work place stress as the “number one health epidemic of the 21st century.” Stress, anxiety, and pain can dramatically restrict anyone’s lifestyle and negatively affect their overall health. With more and more of the world’s population suffering from stress-related conditions, it’s clear that we must all be more proactive in managing and coping with stress.  Stress, anxiety, and pain can dramatically restrict anyone’s lifestyle and negatively impact their overall health.


Self Care is essential to reduce the stress we experience in today’s busy demanding lifestyle.  The only way to alleviate stress on a daily level is through a holistic approach of care for both our bodies and minds. Holistic Massage allows the body’s natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the entire body, mind and spirit as a whole.   

Therapeutic Treatment Choices: 

This year Natural Balance offers a wide range of new treatment options.

Choose between standard self care packages or holistic oil intensive therapies depending on whether you wish to alleviate stress, prevent colds or flu, resolve pain and discomfort or ground yourself in a deep meditative state.

Self Care Plans
Earn Rewards and Save on Self Care Therapeutic Treatment Plans. Choose from a variety of plans designed to help you afford your commitment to  self care.
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New Holistic Treatments
This year Natural Balance shares a devotion for providing holistic alternatives for pain relief, balance and wellbeing. Celebrate  your health with these new holistic intensives.
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Holiday Packages:
Bundle and Save
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