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Insurance + Massage

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Medical Massage?

Medical Massage is result-oriented and treatment specific therapy designed to resolve pain, injury or soft tissue conditions that have been diagnosed and prescribed by your healthcare provider.


Do I need a Referral?

Do I need a referral?

Yes. All Medical Massages are medically-directed, therefore you will need a referral from your Primary Care Provider to initiate the health insurance coverage process. 


Is Payment Required?

Yes. Full payment is required at the time of service to receive your "superbill".  For your reimbursement mail in the "superbill" to your insurance provider with a form entitled "Reimbursement". Allow 3-4 weeks is the normal processing time. Managing your health insurance as it relates to your care helps us keep our rates low. 

Superbills + Reimbursement 

Superbills & Reimbursement - How does it work?

Natural Balance does not bill Insurance companies directly. In an effort to keep rates low Natural Balance provides a comprehensive "Superbill" for you to submit on your own to your insurance provider. To receive a medical massage at Natural Balance, full payment is required at time of service.

What is a Superbill?

What is a Super Bill?

A "super-bill" is carefully prepared, comprehensive form with all the pertinent patient and healthcare information required for successful reimbursement all on one page. Following your treatment session you can mail or email this form into your insurance provider following their specific guidelines and attached reimbursement form. 

Expect your reimbursement check in 3-4 weeks. 

Which Insurance are Superbills prepared for?

Which Insurance can Super-Bills be prepared for?

Super Bills are provided for Aetna, ASEA, PEHT, SEARHC, Premera Blue Cross MODA, EBMS, auto insurance and workman's comp clients, and are offered as a complimentary service.  Please check  your policy carefully. Medical massage services maybe cover in full or in part by your insurance provider depending on your EOB - Explanation of Benefits.

Please note: that you should contact your Insurance provider to service, to ensure that your policy does indeed cover massage treatments.

Can packages and discounts be applied to my insurance?

Can package prices and discounts be applied to my insurance?

Unfortunately, no.  Package prices and discounts cannot be applied to a medical referral or charged to your health insurance policy.   All packages and discounts are to support non-insurance based customers in their selfcare planning.  You are most welcome and encouraged to participate in any of these programs in addition to your medically prescribed massage treatments. 

Looking for More Options?
Self - Directed Treatment Plans
Bundle and Save on Self Care or Self -Directed Treatment Plans. Choose from a variety of plans designed to help your commitment to  your self - directed care. An excellent choice for those who choose not to use medical or health insurance and would like to take advantage of cost savings and discounts.
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