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Save on Self-Directed Treatment Plans

Self-Directed Treatment Plans are an opportunity to have agency over your own health & well-being. Plan your Health today though regular massage treatments.

          - Taking care or yourself is essential for health & wellbeing -

These Treatment Packages are Temporarily Suspended

ReFresh 3 - 90min   Massage Package  ---   $360.00
                                                              Receive a gift card valued at $30.00

In three sessions scheduled close together we develop a strategy for moving you out of habitual pain patterns and assist you in finding renewed strength, ease and a sense that health and well-being are within reach. This is an opportunity to break the cycle and pattern of pain or discomfort you are currently experiencing. Integrative Techniques.

Reiki Treatment
ReStore 5 - 90min    Massage Package ---    $600.00

                                                                     Receive a gift card valued at $60.00

Honor yourself by commiting to your restorative process. The first three sessions will be devoted to breaking the cycle and pattern of pain or discomfort you are currently experiancing. The final two sessions you will begin to reconnect with the former you; painfree, a sense of ease in range of movement. Thoughtful evaluation and testing. Intelligently applied Integrative Techniques.

ReEnergize 7 - 90m   Massage Package  ---   $840.00 

                                                                      Receive a gift card valued at $80.00

Rediscover fresh vitality and enthusiasm. Believe in yourself. The first three sessions will be devoted to breaking the cycle and pattern of pain. the final FOUR sessions are designed to help you  reconnect with  a sense of ease in movement, a lovely peacefulness and the pure joy of living in your body. Making a commitment to yourself is the best thing you can do!

ReBalance 10 - 90min  Massage Package --- $1,200.00
                                                                       Receive a gift card valued at $120.00

Become imbued with new life and vitality. Regenerate & step fully into yourself. With this package you are committing to showing up for yourself in a meaningful way. This package is an excellent choice if you are training for an athletic event and you are seeking that competitive edge. Perhaps you are recovering from an injury that has held you back. Or you simply seek the deep peace and joyful ease that is the perfect counterpoise to stress and anxiety.


 The key to the success of this package is not allowing too much time to lapse between appointments.

New Treatment Options
This year Natural Balance provides exciting new holistic alternatives to achieve pain relief, stress relief, balance and wellbeing. Celebrate  your health by exploring these new special offerings.

- ReDiscover Your Natural Healing Ability-

Terms & Conditions

         Please note:  Promotions and Gift Certificates can not be applied

to a Medical Massage.


   Promotions & Gift Certificates are available for purchase on line or directly from the office.  A selection of Beautiful Gift Certificates are available on request. 


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