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Mountain Biking by the Lake
Alaskans play hard and work hard.
Natural Balance shares a devotion for providing brand new holistic alternatives for pain relief,
balance and wellbeing.
It is time to take care of yourself in the same light. Celebrate  your health and discover these amazing new modalities!
Bamboo & Stone

Discover the perfect combination of Warm Bamboo and Hot Stones!

Oven warmed bamboo tools & fine grained basalt stones are applied alternately to the contours of the body with medium to deep pressure encouraging you to sweep away on an unique massage experience. This is the perfect massage treatment  that simultaneously promotes thermo-circulation, deeply soothing  pressure from the motion of solid bamboo and stone resulting in a profound sense of total relaxation and wellbeing. This exciting combined modality is an excellent choice for athletes pre and post training and anyone with tired achy muscles looking for a truly deep massage without discomfort.               

                                                                         90 minutes                  $145.00                                                                            

These Services are
Temporary Suspended

Northern Thai Massage

Thoroughly unwind with this blended adaptation of Thai & Shiatsu Massage. Wearing loose comfortable clothing, you are cacooned in a warm blankets while deftly moved through a series of stretches and movements designed to gently loosen joints and ligaments.  This modality is an excellent choice for those with back, hip or leg issues related to sitting for prolonged periods at a desk.                                                                                                                       

                                                                      90 minutes                     $125.00 


These Services are
Temporary Suspended

Meditation & Massage

Discover the benefits of both Meditation & Massage. This unique treatment is designed to promote profound results. Utilizing Medical Qigong traditions your massage therapist will assist you in through peaceful and mindful work that gently guides you to reconnect with your body, breath and heart beat. Blending Medical Qigong techniques with slow flow massage, cranial sacral techniques, and binaural / isochronic music you are guided into a deep state where a profound restorative and meditative relaxation occurs. This modality is the perfect solution for anyone experiencing high levels of stress, insomnia or fatigue.                    

                                                                     90 minutes                $125.00   

These Services are
Temporary Suspended

- Discover the Amazing Benefits of  Bamboo, Thai, Shiatsu and Meditation in massage treatments -

Terms & Conditions

         Please note:  Promotions and Gift Certificates can not be applied

to a Medical Massage.


   Promotions & Gift Certificates are available for purchase on line or directly from the office.  A selection of Beautiful Gift Certificates are available on request. 


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