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Sports massage on leg
Swedish Massage

Medical  or Orthopedic Massage:

If you are experiencing acute and chronic pain related to soft tissue injuries, surgical events, trauma, autoimmune disorders, or if you are seeking care for pre/post rehabilitation, Medical Massage can help your full recovery and resolve your pain. 


Patient-centered care is designed to address your specific diagnosis and how Medical Massage works is by decreasing your pain and restoring you to normal function by reducing inflammation, promoting relaxation and increasing active range of motion.

Medical Massage is result-oriented and treatment specific therapy designed to resolve pain, injury or soft tissue conditions that have been diagnosed and prescribed by your healthcare provider.

What to Expect During a Treatment: 

Your therapist will start with an assessment of your of range of motion or posture with orthopedic testing, manual muscle testing or movement analysis. Treatment may consist of different manual therapy techniques including orthopedic massage, neuro-muscular techniques, joint mobilization, or assisted stretching specifically chosen to promote your recovery.

Medical Treatment Plans:
Your therapist works with you to create both Short Term and Long Term Goals designed to assist you in managing your recovery.

Plans can be developed for headaches/migraines, frozen shoulder, shoulder strain, acute and chronic neck and back pain, pelvic, hip and knee pain, and more!



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