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Embracing Change.... one day at a time.

Medical Massage Service Currently Suspended as of 3/15/2020

I sincerely hope this article finds you and your loved ones healthy, safe and sound.

All appointment scheduling have been suspended at this time.

As it became apparent that Alaskans and Seattlites, who are no strangers to extensive travel abroad, would soon become impacted by Covid 19, I made the firm decision to suspend my practice on March 15th. Although uncertain of the duration or effect on my business, I felt it was crucial to prevent myself from becoming a possible viral vector to my clients, their families, and even my own family.

Fifteen days after my decision, the State of Alaska shut down all non-medical businesses that employed touch including hair stylists, spas and massage therapy. Every one of my clients have completely understood so this has made my decision much easier.

During the last two weeks, I have focused on my family and the necessary preparations that would enable us to step out of community circulation. And in truth I needed some time to be quiet and reflect on how I personally would respond to the tidal wave of events coming our way.

While medical massage services are on hold, I'm working on several ideas to generate a small income, which include website design services, locally based homemade soaps, organic facial products, disposable and cloth droplet masks, visors, head bands, mask rated buffs for teenagers and curbside muster kits.

I hope I can cultivate the confidence and focus to use this time wisely, both to restructure my medical massage business and to bring longstanding business ideas to fruition. We will all need to develop this new confidence moving forward.

Below are two links that I offer to you in the interim:

1. One is a music list on Spotify designed to easy the stress each of us feel as we move through this time.

2. A link to a list of evidenced-based self-care habits my family and I now use daily to help navigate our current health alert.

I invite you to use this time to pay attention to your body and explore the message it delivers, consider what you need to feel better, and trust yourself. It's essential to find beauty every day in any way possible. In this time of isolation, I invite you to experiment with music and self-care in a more-profound way.

I plan to provide similar resources every two weeks.


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