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Swedish Massage

Natural Balance provides professional 
patient centered care designed to ease pain and bring you back into alignment.

ReDiscover Your Health Today
Achieve  your Natural Balance
Juneau's Leading Medical & Therapeutic
Massage Clinic
Specializing in pain relief & recovery of the neck, spine, shoulders & hips related to acute injury & chronic conditions.
Medical Massage 
is specific orthopedic massage therapy designed to resolve your pain and assist you through your healing journey. Medical Massage is anatomically precise, result-oriented and treatment specific.
Therapeutic Massage
is an intuitive, holistic treatment designed to be meditative or invigorating depending on the patient/client presentation.
Self Care Plans
Earn Rewards and Save on Self Care Treatment Plans. Choose from a variety of plans designed to help you plan your
to  self care.
New Treatments
This year Natural Balance shares a devotion for providing holistic alternatives for pain relief, balance and wellbeing. Celebrate  your health with these new special offerings.
Gift Certificates,
Packages & Specials
discover benefit of intensive holistic treatments and wonderful savings by selecting packages.
These 3 options have been temporarily  suspended,
Thank you for your understanding. 

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